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Healthy Body Makeover is a group personal training program where you get everything you need to accomplish your fitness and weight loss goals.  Group personal training offers a variety of benefits.  Working out in a social atmosphere can be more fun and affordable.  The workouts are designed to tone your entire body and burn maximum fat.  


​I don't like to exercise

A top reason for quitting an exercise program is boredom.  Healthy Body Makeover is designed to be exciting and challenging but most importantly, the workouts are always different.  We understand that by constantly varying the workouts, we are shocking the body.  This guarantees that you keep getting results and avoid the dreaded plateau.  It's common to see great results in the beginning of a new workout routine, only to quit because the results stop.


Can I keep up?

Getting started can be intimidating.  Most people understand that exercise is good for their health, so they want to get started.  However, there is worry that keeping up with the group would be difficult.  Not to worry, our workouts are designed for any age, gender or ability and are modified to your specific fitness level.  Whether you have never picked up a weight in your life or you've been exercising your whole life, Healthy Body Makover is for you.


Can I affoard a Personal Trainer?

Having an experienced personal trainer has many benefits but not everybody can afford one.  With group sessions, having a trainer is much more affordable.  Having a trainer insures that you will learn and perform proper technique during exercises.  This is very important to help deliver results and prevent injury.



Starting to exercise is just the first step to accomplishing your goals. Approximately 70% of your results will come from nutrition.  We found that telling people what they can and cannot eat, just isn't enough.  People need to be held accountable to stay on track.  After all, we know for the most part what is and isn't good for us.


 To ensure results we provide you with meal plans, shopping lists and recipes.  To keep you on track, we have you log your daily meals and we do monthly evaluations.  Studies show that by keeping a daily food log, weight loss results can double.  The monthly evaluations consist of body fat percentage, body measurements and a fitness evaluation.  This can help keep you motivated because quite often, your hard work may not immediately reflect on the scale.  When starting a workout routine, the body will have some inflammation due to the tearing of muscles.  Which in turn has the body retain water.  You will also be gaining muscle which weighs more than fat.  Taking body fat percentages, measurements and doing fitness evaluations is often a better way of measuring results.   


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